11 GBA Tricks and Cheats You Didn’t Know About

Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog is a character swap hack of the game Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, with character Amy Rose as playable character in place of Sonic the Hedgehog. The games’ sprites (modified from Son… Mobius Evolution Created by InsaneTeam Storyline It was a hot summer. Search our huge selection of new and used video games at fantastic prices at GameStop.. As a hacker, I love doing crazy things with code not only because it’s fun but because it’s a great way to learn new things. Imagine opening these classic games up to the power of the Internet. Today we are going to do just that by using the memory manipulation API to build a Game Genie that operates via text messaging with Twilio. Old video games are notorious for being insanely difficult.


  • N64 decompilation projects like Mario 64 were able to undo this process through clever reverse engineering and restore the original C code.
  • Also, be sure to check out the dedicated post here for videos and other information on these GameBoy Advance games.
  • Overall, it was a great idea for Nintendo to add Four Swords to A Link to the Past.

There will also be Pokémon GBA ROM hacks download links later in this article. Pokémon ROM hacks are simply Pokémon games that have been modified by a programmer in order to add features to the game. Or, in particular cases, perform a complete overhaul of the story and Pokémon.

New Narrative With a Completely New Region

Pokemon Unbound is one of the most popular Pokemon ROM hacks out there that aims at providing players with a complete Pokemon experience. It does so by adding new Pokemon from every other Pokemon game such as Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, etc, and allows the player to catch and train them. Final Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game that was released back in 1997 for the first PlayStation console. Ever since its release, the game rose in popularity, so much so that today, many players consider it to be one of the best RPGs for the GBA, and even one of the best RPGs of all time. Final Fight OneFinal Fight One is a scrolling beat ‘em up that hit the arcades in late 1989 and instantly became a hit among players and one of the most iconic games of the genre.

You have to install the this GBA Emulator as well the ROM to play the game. In some way, Gameboy advance becomes more advanced with lots of tweaks available in the Emulator. The Game Boy Advance is a handheld game console released by Nintendo in 2001. The GBA has sold 81.51 million units worldwide as of June 30, 2010. Despite its popularity, the GBA was succeeded by the Nintendo DS in 2004. Millions of GameBoy fans around the world can still enjoy these exciting games using an emulator or even the Nintendo Switch.


Pick up your sword and travel to the Dark World, in A Link to the Past, to restore peace to the land of Hyrule, or join forces, in the first multiplayer Zelda game, Four Swords. Master Link’s abilities and link with up to four players in a new adventure, which mixes cooperation and competition. Welcome to the Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Walkthrough. A Link to the Past returned to the overhead view used in the first Zelda game. The parallel-world idea that this game introduced would be reused many times throughout the Zelda series.

The clearing routine isn’t coded very efficiently, so it’s been optimized to about twice its original speed. The SNES CPU then sends an interrupt request which tells the SA-1 to process controller input for shortcuts. If a shortcut is found, a vector pointing to its routine in ROM will be saved in memory. The next frame, the SNES will check for this vector, and respond accordingly.

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