A Travelers Apology to the Soul

This is an apology letter. Yes, an apology for not being there to take care of you. For not making sure that you are at the peak of your health. For not ensuring that you achieve the best of fitness. I failed you in many ways Mrs wifey.  I never realized today on your birthday; on the 31st of October it will be not less than a feeling of sorrow for you. I know the physical pains are nothing in front of the mental agony you must be going on today. I recall a month back how excited you were to celebrate your birthday today. But fate had a different story to write. You diagnosed to be type 2 diabetes shattered your dreams, added to that your kidney infection and UTI infection was no less than a shocker for you. You must be in a shock of emotional stress; I do not question that. The world might see that this is nothing big and may sound it normal in a married couple’s life. But it is only you who are going through the pain knows what it is to forgo a small scent of happiness in these tough times of COVID. Mrs Wifey, you rightly named me as Room Mate in your mobile device. I failed to take care of you and ignored the physical changes happening within you just like a roommate. A true soulmate would not have ignored these things.

I recall how happy you were celebrating each of your birthdays. We travelled places and the joy in your face still reminds me of memories that can never be forgotten. I remember the bite you take on the piece of cakes gifted by me or your sisters which missed this year. I know the year 2020 will be a bad patch in the memory for you, not only for the missed celebrations but the ailment it gave to you. I know it will be not easy to forget the small gifts, sweets, outings, or celebrations. This was not all, God had a different plan for us. Added to your ailment, God gave me symptoms of COVID. One thing that I thought would be in my hand to gift you, god, even took that away from you. A simple HUG.  Yes, I miss hugging you and I know you must also be missing this a lot and the pain must have been added to the trauma you are already going through.

Hey Mrs Wifey, I do not intend to make you feel sad or bring tears rolling your eyes. I know, despite all these doom and gloom you will not lose your hopes. You are a fighter and will fight back these physical ailments. And soon, even I will be back with the best of my physical well-being. This time I will stand with you, I will not abandon you. I promise my love and care to you. We will re-live those moments when you were my pillion on the treacherous roads of Leh- Ladakh behind the rented bullet. We will re-live those moments when we shared journey on the rickety state transport busses and enjoyed the roadside Dhabas during those trips. We will re-live those unplanned travels to destinations which we never planned for and set out to.

Dear Mrs Wifey, you are the one who made me realize I am a traveler, not a tourist and you made my soul enchant every time I travel.

On Your Birthday today, I dedicate this website to you and hope to make travelers out of a lot of souls across the world.

Dear Mrs, wifey this new journey is not mine alone, you are the soul and dream behind it and I trust you would ignore the errors in this website by this rookie Mr Room Mate of yours. With time it will improve, and you would love it and yes, the Hug is due till I am tested COVID Negative.

Stay Loved. Your Soul Traveller.

2 thoughts on “A Travelers Apology to the Soul”

  1. Thank you so much for a lovely n surprising gift….Firstly you do not have to be sorry for the situation. I too have ignored my health. Not following your advises and focussing on my office work. I promise to keep good care of my health and be fit again so that we can start travelling again like we used to do earlier.
    And as I have mentioned earlier that by the end of November we will celebrate both of our’s birthday together!!

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